CHAS Application Assistance

CHAS Application Assistance

If you require / or are interested in CHAS accreditation we can help!

While we do not guarantee a pass, we are confident that with your co-operation and commitment we will get you CHAS accredited.

What is CHAS?

The CHAS scheme is a first stage pre-qualification scheme that allows contractors to demonstrate to potential clients that they meet health and safety standards.

CHAS reduces unnecessary duplication and repeated applications by suppliers and contractors wishing to become approved as local authority suppliers, and helps to improve health and safety in small to medium-sized enterprises.

Whilst the CHAS assessment scheme is a local authority and government-backed scheme, it can be used by any organisation looking to shortlist suppliers and contractors and can save time and money for all parties.

How do I become CHAS Accredited?

If you wish to do so, you can make the application yourself. However the process can be lengthy, and if your health and safety management system is not robust it is unlikely that you will meet the standards required.

We will meet with you to carry out an assessment of your current Health and Safety status to ensure that your documentation is relevant to the work you actually undertake.

We guarantee very high standards at a price lower than you might expect and if the application is not successful we will undertake the necessary work to complete the application at no additional cost.

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